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Employee's Student Tuition

Greenwich Employees who do not live in the Town of Greenwich, have the option to enroll their children in Greenwich Public Schools. See the below information for details if you plan to enroll your child at GPS or if your child is currently enrolled at GPS. 

Tuition Information

1. If you are a 0.5 or more FTE teacher (GPS Board of Education), and currently pay tuition for your child(ren) to attend GPS schools, and your child(ren) is/are moving from preschool (PK) to elementary school (K) OR elementary (Gr 5) to middle school (Gr 6), you MUST complete this form. 


2. If your child(ren) is currently in any other grade level and will be continuing at the same school OR is currently in Grade 8 and is planning to continue to GHS next year, you do NOT need to complete this form. (If you did already, no worries. Jen Lau will weed out your responses.)


3. If your FTE status changes to fall below 0.5 FTE for the 2022-2023 School Year, your child(ren) are ineligible to continue as GPS tuition students next year.


4. If you have a colleague who meets the employment criteria and whose child(ren) does not currently attend a GPS school but wishes to apply to one, please forward them the information below so they can begin the first step in the application process. 

5. 2022-2023 Student Tuition Application Form: Due April 1, 2022

6. GPS Registration Information Page




Contact Danielle Polizzi, Tuition Parent Chair, with any tuition questions.

Contact Lori Mulligan with questions or if you wish to become a member of the Tuition Parent Committee.

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