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Negotiations Committee

The Negotiations Committee is formed on years when the GEA negotiates our 3 year contract. There is an application process to ensure we have representatives from all levels and specialties serving on the committee. 

Negotiations Committee

The Negotiations Committee meets only on years where we have contract negotiations*

Time: Monthly to Bi-Monthly Meetings from April - June, Summer Negotiations in July and August if needed

# Of People: 1 person to Chair and an additional 7-9 Members

Description: The purposes of the Negotiations Committee shall be:

1. To negotiate with the Board of Education on hours, wages and working conditions, including the instructional program, for all personnel in the negotiating unit.

2. To review negotiation priorities with the Board of Directors prior to negotiating with The Board of Education.  

3. To prepare and submit its report and recommendation to the Board of Directors prior to its submission to the members of the Association by the negotiating unit at a meeting ratification. 

4. The procedures for ratifying a negotiation agreement shall be developed by the Executive Board prior to negotiation.

Let's Work Together

If you are interested in serving on the negotiations committee, please contact Lillian Perone, President.

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